PDI 2020 – a year in review

At the beginning of 2020 the publishing contract for Peritoneal Dialysis International was taken over by SAGE and you will have noted the new look and website – https://journals.sagepub.com/home/ptd. ISPD members get access to the full Journal through the ISPD website after log in (the old site www.pdiconnect.com has been discontinued, so please update your bookmarks to the new site).

Unsurprisingly COVID-19 featured strongly through the year and we published several papers on that topic including reports from Sichuan Province China, use of remote patient management during the pandemic from Italy, PD for COVID associated acute kidney injury, as well as a report of paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome (PIMS) from South Africa. Reports on the Saving Young Lives program continued to feature strongly in the journal. For more details of the most read articles from PDI in 2020, please visit the PDI Journal website.

In May we published a Special issue: Prescribing High Quality Goal-Directed Peritoneal Dialysis – a new guideline from the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis. This comprehensive series of paper examined the topic from a range of perspectives and if you have not read it already it is to be recommended.

Our most read articles continue to be the important guidelines from the ISPD – with infection, access and prescribing guidelines being an important resource for clinical teams around the world. I am pleased to share that in the near future there will be updated guidelines on acute kidney injury for adults and children as well as a detailed guideline on the evaluation of peritoneal membrane dysfunction.

Our most cited papers have been Creating and Maintaining Optimal Peritoneal Dialysis Access in the Adult Patient: 2019 Update (John Crabtree et al); Standardized Outcomes in Nephrology—Peritoneal Dialysis (SONG-PD): Study Protocol (Karine Manera et al; and Advanced Laparoscopic Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Insertion: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (Badri Shrestha et al).

I will be handing over as Editor in Chief to Jeff Perl on January 1st 2021. He is going to take the journal to a new level with his boundless energy and well proven scientific and editorial skills. He will be supported by an excellent editorial team and our publisher SAGE. I intend to remain accessible to the journal to provide support during the transition. It has been my privilege to work with PDI over the last 8 years, to work with wonderful people from our society from across the world and to have been able to take a role in supporting the dissemination of high quality information to support patient care. I am grateful to everyone who supports PDI and its objectives including our authors, dedicated reviewers, readers, editors and publisher. I have every confidence that it will continue to enable clinical teams in their important work of caring for people who require peritoneal dialysis for decades to come.