Dimitrios G. Oreopoulos

Oreopoulos Award

The nomination deadline for the 2020 Oreopoulos Award will close on 21 March 2022.

The ISPD recognises the lifetime PD achievements (in terms of delivering care to patients, research, teaching and /or advocacy) of one of its members with the Oreopoulos Award at its bi-annual congress.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process

  1. Nominations must include:
    1. Curriculum vitae of the candidate including bibliography
    2. A letter of recommendation written and signed by the nominator, detailing the candidate’s lifetime PD achievements. Up to two additional letters of support from renowned ISPD members may, but do not have to be, submitted.
  2. The candidate must be an active member of the ISPD.
  3. The Oreopoulos Award will be given to a person once in their life-time.
  4. Self nominations are not accepted.

The required documents should be sent via e-mail to ISPD Society Coordinator, Miguel Gallardo Albajar, admin@ispd.org, by 15 November 2019. Paper copies cannot be accepted.

Award Amount

The ISPD covers the costs of travel and accommodation of the awardee. The Oreopoulos Awardee will not receive any economic reward.

The awardee will not be invited to give a lecture at the Congress.

Past Awardees

2022 Philip KT Li (ISPD Congress Singapore)
2020 Fredric Finkelstein (Online ISPD-EuroPD Joint Congress)
2018  Simon Davies (ISPD Congress Vancouver)
2016 Peter Blake (ISPD Congress Melbourne)
2014  Georgi Abraham (ISPD Congress Madrid)

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