OPEN CALL: Become an ISPD Committee member

ISPD is looking for new members to join its ISPD Committees and increase the representation of our members in the teams that shape the work of our society. The ISPD Committees represent an opportunity to get involved in the work of our society, participate in the running of some of our programs, and help the society achieve its objectives. They also present a great opportunity to connect with peers from other parts of the world.

Please find a list of the committees currently undergoing a renewal of membership, with a short description of the objectives of each committee. To ensure that all our committees reflect the diversity of our society, we have indicated in the open call the regions that are being prioritized for each committee.

If you are interested in joining one or more of ISPD Committees, please send an email to before Wednesday, October 10th 2018. Please include in your Expression of Interest:

  • your full name
  • date of birth
  • qualifications
  • country of residence
  • relevant experience
  • a brief motivation of what you want to join the committe
  • If you are interested in applying for more than one committee, please write a different motivation for each one of them.

If you have any questions regarding the tasks of the committees or the application process, please get in contact by email with Miguel Gallardo, ISPD Society Coordinator.


Communication and Media Committee (Chair: Dr KS Nayak)
This ISPD Committee will support the Society in increasing its outreach towards members and non-members, using available and novel communication channels. We are looking for members who have experience in using social media and other online communication tools.

  • Looking for candidates (preferably from Eastern Europe)

Education Committee (Chair: Dr Sharon Nessim)
This ISPD Committee coordinates the development of educational materials and activities of the society; it reviews the requests for educational support and the endorsement of educational events.

  • Looking for candidates from Australia/Oceania and Eastern Europe

Future Meetings Committee (Chair: Dr Philip Li)
The Future Meetings Committee of the ISPD supervises the whole process of selection of appropriate sites for hosting the biennial scientific meeting of the ISPD, reviewing and shortlisting the bids for presentation to the Council of ISPD for final decision.

  • Looking for candidates from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Latin America

International Liaison Committee (Chair: Dr Fred Finkelstein)
This ISPD committee is responsible of the growth and development of peritoneal dialysis care internationally for acute and chronic renal failure. The committee works with developing programs to help maintain basic standards of care and provide expertise advice to difficult issues. This committee has the objective of encouraging educational programs for peritoneal dialysis, coordinating training for doctors and nurses, working closely with other international and national organizations, and establishing links with other philanthropic organizations.

  • Looking for candidates from Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Oceania

International Studies Committee (Chairteam: Dr Thyago de Moraes and Dr. Mark Lambie)
This committee encourages high quality, international research collaborations, conducting peer reviews of research proposals, and recommending endorsement by the society where appropriate.

  • Looking for Candidates from Oceania, Africa and Middle East

Nominating Committee (Chair: Dr Joanne Bargman)
This ISPD committee prepares a slate of nominations to stand for election, replacing officers and councilors completing their term of service, in keeping with the bylaws of the society.

  • Looking for candidates from Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Europe

Membership Committee (Chair: Dr Xue Qing Yu)
This committee is responsible to foster affiliation with the ISPD by providing useful and relevant benefits to its members. It also has the objective to implement innovative ways to recruit and retain members.

  • Looking for candidates from Oceania

Nursing Liaison Committee (Chair: Ms Helen Hurst)
This ISPD committee coordinates the involvement of the nurses and other health professionals into the work of our organization, to ensure that their contribution is always taken into account. It is the contact body for cooperation and collaboration with other nurses’ associations and projects.

  • Looking for candidates from Africa

Publications Committee (Chair: Dr Simon Davies)
This ISPD committee is responsible for maintaining the relationship between the society and the publishing company of our Journal PDI. It has the objective to ensure that the contract with the publisher is enforced by both sides, and will be in charge of renegotiating any changes to the contract to adapt to new circumstances. The committee also has to manage the preparations for the renewal of the contract, or the selection of a new publishing company at the end of the contract.

  • Looking for candidates from Africa, Middle East, Asia and Oceania

Scholarships and Awards Committee (Chairteam: Dr Roberto Pecoits-Filho and Dr Joanna Rowinska)
The purpose of this ISPD committee is to identify the best candidates for different awards and programs under the ISPD. They are responsible to establish the regulations and run the selection processes of, among others, the Maher Awards and the ISPD Fellowship Program.

  • Looking for candidates from Western Europe, Africa and Middle East