New Committee to improve ISPD Communication

The newly established Communication and Media Committee (CMC) of the ISPD, chaired by Dr. KS Nayak, is responsible for communicating the activities of the Society and educational issues regarding peritoneal dialysis to the members of ISPD, PD community, medical professionals related to PD, patients on dialysis and their families, and the general public.

The Committee will maximize and optimize the appropriate usage of online platforms such as the website and our newsletters, social media to disseminate information to support the objectives, goals and initiatives of the Society. Some of the developing initiatives through the CMC include:

  • ISPD Newsletter: Yeoungjee Cho as Editor with Mayoor Prabhu as Deputy Editor  will work in close co-ordination with the Chair(Nayak) and the Secretariat (Miguel) and solicit inputs from all members who literally come from every major region/continent of the world.
  • NephJC Collaboration: NephJC is an extremely active and popular nephrology journal club that uses Twitter to discuss the research, guidelines, and editorials that drive nephrology. Nikhil Shah has been nominated by them to represent them in the CMC- ISPD.
  • ISPD Website: The CMC is devising strategies in how it can contribute towards increasing the ‘hits’ the ISPD website gets and help the Secretariat in its maintenance.
  • Upcoming Meetings: The CMC-ISPD shortly plans to co-ordinate with the Organising Committees of the upcoming Conferences of the ISPD in disseminating awareness before and during the event. Particular emphasis will be on the Joint ISPD-EuroPD 2020 Congress, Glasgow, where the Committee plans to closely with the Congress in popularising it in the local media (press and electronic), the nephrology community to maximise attendance. The Conference coverage of scientific and other activities will be planned using various Social Media platforms.