Membership Benefits

  • Subscription to Peritoneal Dialysis International (PDI), the official journal of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD).
    • Online subscription (automatic): By becoming an ISPD member you automatically receive an online subscription to PDI. This includes access to full text of all archived and current issues of PDI. The full texts of all issues are fully searchable, and each article includes hyperlinks to Medline, Google Scholar, and the online full-text of many other frequently cited journals. Publish before print (PDI in Press) articles are available online to members as soon as they are approved by authors. ISPD members should sign in to their ISPD member account to access the journal online at:
    • Print subscription (optional): The ISPD is committed to protecting the environment and to the responsible use of natural resources. Please only choose a print version of the journal if you are unable to have regular access the online journal. A print subscription includes 6 regular issues of PDI, and supplements, which vary in frequency from year to year.
  • Access to a members only section of the ISPD website.
  • Receipt of the electronic newsletter of your regional chapter if available.
  • Special registration rates for all ISPD Congresses, ISPD Chapter Meetings and the Annual Dialysis Conference (organized by the University of Missouri).
  • Voting rights in the General Meetings of the ISPD.
  • Application for ISPD scholarship and research grants.