For Nurses and Allied Health Professionals, the ISPD offers three different modalities of engaging with ISPD activities and joining the community of PD enthusiasts,


Nurse/AHP full members enjoy the same benefits as doctors and physicians, including the possibility of being elected to ISPD Committees, joining the ISPD Council and ISPD Executive Committee, getting access to ISPD’s scientific journal Peritoneal Dialysis International, and having unrestricted access to all our educational resources.

One year membership (new) – $100 USD

Two year membership (new) – $160 USD

Three year membershop (new) – $235 USD

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ISPD Associate Nurse/AHP is a modality for engaging in ISPD activities and obtaining the most relevant membership benefits for these profiles: participation on ISPD Committees, access to information and education resources, travel grants, fellowships, and discounts for events and congresses.

In order to lower the association fee significantly, this modality does not include the right to participate in the ISPD elections (neither being a candidate nor voting for the candidates) and does not include access to the PDI Journal either. However, we believe this new modality of engagement will allow ISPD to reach many more nurses and allied health professionals, having an impact on their work and improving the well-being of many more kidney patients.

One year membership – 15 USD



Nurses and AHPs can also be part of the Institutional/Collective Memberships. These memberships allow hospitals, institutions, and other groups of professionals set in developing countries to access the benefits of ISPD membershop at a reduced fee of 175 USD for 10 members, which can be doctors, nurses, or other AHPs. So, if your hospital or center chooses to register under one of these membership plans and includes you in the list of members, you can access ISPD membership.


For any questions related to the memberships for Nurses/AHPs don’t hesitate to contact us as