The International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD) is pleased to present the presentations from the ISPD18 Congress in Vancouver. Making these presentations available is one of many efforts made by ISPD to help advance PD practice worldwide.

These presentations will remain available for ISPD18 attendees until the end of October 2018, and for ISPD members indefinitely.

We would also like to thank the ISPD18 speakers for their participation in the Vancouver congress and for their collaboration in making these presentations available online. Please note that some presentations are not available due to the speakers’ requests (in many cases, because they contained unpublished data).

Opening Ceremony

Acute PD, Co-Presented by ISN

Assisted PD

Clinical Complications of PD

Helping the Dying PD Patient

Initiatives to Grow PD

International PD Stories

Less is More in PD

Patient Centered PD – Co-Presented with the Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC & Yukon Branch and Western PD Days

PD Clinical Trial Design

PD Patient Education

Peritoneal Catheter

Plenary Session 1

Technique Failure

Translational Research in PD – Co-Presented by ISPD & EuroPD

CQI at a PD Program Level

For and Against the Motion – Urgent Start PD should be more widely used

Modality Selection

Novel Technologies to Support PD Patients

Pain Management in PD Patients

PD in First Nations

PD Patient Outcomes That Matter


Plenary 2

SONG-PD ISPD Consensus Workshop

The Peritoneal Dialysis Practice Patterns and Outcomes Study Boldly Going Where No PD Study Has Gone Before

Volume status in PD – Co-Presented by Canadian Association of Nephrology Dietitians

Clinical Controversies

Closing Plenary

Highlighting Young Talent in PD Research

Key Clinical Concepts

Low GDP normal pH Solution Controversies

Making the PD Clinic Better

Plenary 4 – Late Breaking Trials

Strengthening the Role of PDI

Symptoms Management in PD