ISPD mourns the loss of Dr. Bengt Rippe

Bengt Rippe 1950-2016 In Memoriam


bengt-rippe-1950-2016Bengt Rippe was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, and became an M.D. in 1975, a Ph.D. in 1978 and an Associate Professor of Physiology at Gothenburg University in 1980. He became a Specialist in Nephrology in 1986 and since 1990 has been a full Professor and Chairman of the Department of Nephrology in Lund, Sweden.

Bengt published > 200 original articles on the transcapillary and transglomerular exchange of solutes, especially of macromolecules, and on the exchange across the peritoneal membrane during peritoneal dialysis.

“The three-pore model” of peritoneal transport originates from Rippe’s research. Rippe and his group have done the hitherto most detailed assessments of endothelial permeability for macromolecules as a function of temperature and capillary hydrostatic and oncotic pressures. In mice lacking endothelial vesicles the group has provided ample evidence for passive transport of macromolecules from blood to tissue across “large pores”.

The group predicted more than 25 years ago the presence of endothelial “water-only” pores, later cloned and named “aquaporin-1”. Currently, the group is evaluating glomerular permeability to proteins and polysaccharides as a function of molecular size, charge, shape and flexibility, and the glomerular alterations occurring in a number of different pathophysiological conditions.

Bengt Rippe is on the Editorial Board of Peritoneal Dialysis International.

Kindly note, an obituary will be published in PDI in due course.