ISPD SCHOLARSHIPS (Fellowship Program)

Application Deadlines: 31 March and 30 September each year


The purpose of the scholarship is to promote peritoneal dialysis by encouraging eligible individuals to extend their knowledge and expertise in peritoneal dialysis by visiting, for a period of up to 3 months, an established PD center with experience in training new PD specialists.

The Scholarships and Awards Committee reviews the applications with respect to merit, appropriateness, facility to be visited, the supervising physician/trainer at the facility, and geographic distribution of applicants. Preference is given to the promotion of peritoneal dialysis in developing countries.

Duration and Amount of the Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded for a maximum amount of $5000, for up to 3 months of study. The funds are to be used to support travel and living expenses and for educational expenses during the visit to the host institution.

The training should generally take place within 12 months after the communication of the scholarship award to the successful candidate. Any change of date after the selection requires the applicant to communicate the reasons for the delay and to receive permission from ISPD.

Scholarships for periods shorter than 6 weeks will be considered if applicants have specific and defined goals and objectives that they would like to pursue at a host institution. Funding will be pro-rated accordingly.

ISPD Fellowships are subject to travel feasibility. COVID-19 related travel restrictions have limited travel for a big number of ISPD Fellows since 2020 and we encourage applicants to take these restrictions into consideration when planning the dates for their ISPD Fellowships.

Choosing the destination

Choosing your Fellowship destination is vital to ensure the success of your training. We recommend you choose the destination based on these parameters:

  • similarities in practice between your destination and the home institutions where you will apply what you learn;
  • language of training;
  • training program agreed with your destination;
  • travel connections.

Please include in your application the rationale for deciding your destination center.

The ISPD has compiled a List of PD Reference Centers with all the relevant information. You can browse the list to find a center that matches your needs. Please choose and contact ONLY ONE CENTER AT A TIME. If you cannot agree on a stay in your first option, then you may contact a second center. Contacting several centers at the same time only results in confusion and it is disrespectful to the doctors who are already extremely busy.

Please contact ISPD at if you want more information, or in case you want to add your reference center to the list.

Application Process

Scholarships are awarded annually in 2 rounds. The deadlines for applications are usually 31 March and 30 September. Applicants have to submit the following five documents:

  1. Filled out application form [word][pdf];
  2. Application letter justifying the application;
  3. Your curriculum vitae;
  4. A letter of acceptance from the institution to be visited;
  5. A letter from your home institution director/supervisor supporting the application.

Applicants should clearly specify the duration and intent of their visitfuture plans after the visit, and the rationale for the amount of funding requested.

[Word version]           [PDF version]

Applications should be sent to:

ISPD Secretariat


ISPD members, as well as non-members, may apply.

Applications are encouraged from developing countries*. In developed countries*, only individuals younger than 40 years of age are eligible.

* Developing countries as defined in the list for Institutional Membership.

Completion of the Fellowship

Successful recipients are expected to submit a brief summary of their experience after completion of the visit and how their experience will assist them on their return to their home institution and country. The report should be sent to the Chair of the ISPD Scholarship and Awards Committee at within 3 months after the end of the visit, to be eligible to receive the full funding.

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