ISPD Endorsement of Educational Programs

In order to be eligible for ISPD endorsement, educational programs must include a minimum of 8 hours of peritoneal dialysis content.

Organizations requesting ISPD endorsement of educational programs shall submit a written request for endorsement to the Secretary of the ISPD ( This request should include the following:

  • Complete content of the proposed program.
  • Learning objective(s) for each talk, as identified by the conference organizers.
  • A brief (1- 3 sentences) description of each speaker’s credentials in the field of peritoneal dialysis.
  • A statement as to whether or not continuing education credits will be provided and, if so, by which accredited organization(s).

This request can be submitted prior to finalization of the program, and should be submitted no less than 3 months prior to the proposed program date.

The Secretary of the ISPD will forward this request to the Executive Council and to the Chair of the Education Committee. The Education Committee will review the request and make its recommendation for acceptance, revision, or denial of the request within an appropriate time frame (usually within 2 weeks).

The Executive Council will then act upon the recommendation, following which the Secretary will communicate the decision to the requesting organization or individual.

Qualifying organizations that may apply for ISPD endorsement of a program include:

  1. Any academic institute or society
  2. ISPD corporate members

Upcoming Educational Programs endorsed by ISPD

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