ISPD collaborates with other organisations to further shared goals or on particular activities.

ISPD collaborations:

European Renal Association (ERA)

Sessions/CMEs at each other’s Congresses; visibility at each other’s Congresses and on the respective Journals; direct links to the respective Societies and its activities.

International Society of Nephrology (ISN)

ISN and ISPD share many goals in ensuring the development of peritoneal dialysis throughout the world, wherever it is an appropriate form of renal replacement therapy. In 2011, they agreed to formalize their partnerships and start working together on specific projects.


ISPD and EuroPD share many joint goals in ensuring the development of Peritoneal Dialysis wherever it is an appropriate form of renal replacement therapy. ISPD and EuroPD will organise joint congresses in Europe. The next ISPD-EuroPD Congress will take place in 2028.


The French-Speaking Registry of Peritoneal Dialysis is a scientific society, created in 1988, with the goal of helping dialysis teams evaluating and improving the quality of care given to ESRD patients treated at home (Peritoneal Dialysis and Home Haemodialysis), of promoting research in that field and publishing its results.
The agreement signed with RDPLF covers the translation into French for our Guidelines.


The SLANH contributes to the diffusion of nephrology and hypertension knowledge in the Latin American region through congresses, meetings, publications, collaboration groups, and different educational initiatives, open for doctors and other health professionals.

The ISPD and the SLANH have agreed to work together to impulse the knowledge and practice of high-quality PD in the Latin American region.


IPNA believes that all children deserve to be healthy and receive optimal treatment and care for kidney disease regardless of their economic level or political choice. IPNA facilitates the exchange of knowledge and expertise without barriers, and is committed to international understanding.

IPNA and ISPD work together to improve the practice of pediatric PD worldwide. We also are partners in the Saving Young Lives program.