Teaching Nurses to Teach: Peritoneal Dialysis Training

Handouts to Use With Your Patients

PDF file Connection and Disconnection Procedure
Step by step instructions of the exchange procedures.

PDF file Problem solving
A listing of typical mechanical problems, the cause of those problems, and actions to resolve the problems.

PDF file Sterile vs. Clean
Definitions with examples of the concepts of clean and sterile.

PDF file Clinic Checklist
Checklist prior to seeing the patient.

Assessment Tools

Symptom Checklist
A checklist for patients to complete that indicates how they are feeling in different categories.

PDF file Patient Questionnaire

Final Evaluation
Written tests that ask simple recall questions in addition to questions that pose problems and ask for responses.

PDF file CAPD Final Test

PDF file CYCLER Final Test


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Program Planning
1. Introduction
Lesson Planning
2. Presenting New Information
Procedural Skills
Cognitive Skills
Responding with Feedback & Guidance
Preparing for Training
3. Building in Practice
Are there Resources Available to Help Me?
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