Teaching Nurses to Teach: Peritoneal Dialysis Training

How should I present new information?
Video: What contributes to a training programs success?After you have introduced a lesson to the patient, the next component is to present the new information, emphasizing the skills that need to be learned. From your introduction, patients know what they are expected to learn, how the information will be meaningful, and how it will connect with what they already know. As you continue to develop your training, you can help patients manage new information and make it easier to remember by keeping the following questions in mind:

Is the structure logical? Patients will learn more efficiently if the information is organized in a way that makes sense to them. In the video, Mary discusses the need to differentiate skill and concept learning. By distinguishing these two types of learning, the structure and goals remain clear to the patient.

Is the information chunked to prevent memory overload? Patients find it easier to remember pieces of information organized into categories rather than long strings of unrelated information.

Are there cues to direct attention to the most critical information? With so much new information being presented, patients may have difficulty recognizing the most important things to remember.

Nurses who are new to training patients on peritoneal dialysis often find that it is helpful to write a narrative that details what they would say to a new patient. Once the narrative is written, ask a person who is naïve to the peritoneal dialysis process to read it and comment as to whether it was clear, complete, and easy to recall. Or, select portions of the training and orally present it to a naïve participant who can provide the same types of useful feedback.


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