Teaching Nurses to Teach: Peritoneal Dialysis Training

Judith Bernadini BSN
Adjunct Research Assistant Professor
School of Medicine
Adjunct Assistant Instructor in Acute and Tertiary Care
School of Nursing
University of Pittsburgh

Mary Bird is a nurse with over twenty years of experience training patients in peritoneal dialysis. Mary’s patients have very good outcomes (low rates of infection, hospitalization and death), due in part to the training that she provides. Mary’s skills in developing rapport, breaking down tasks, encouraging the patients, and directing their learning are often subtle yet effective.

University of Pittsburgh Center of Instructional Development
& Distance Education (CIDDE)
, who provided instructional design, video production, and graphic design services:
James Crawford, Video Production
Len Jendrey, Cameraperson
Bill Johnston, Graphics & Web Design
Carol Washburn, Instructional Design, Co-author
Herb Ferguson, Volunteer Patient

Patricia Pugh-Mitchell, Volunteer Patient

Our gratitude is extended to the Dialysis Clinic Incorporated, Oakland for the use of their facility during the videotaping and the expertise of their staff.

International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis, who provided financial support for this project.


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Program Planning
1. Introduction
Lesson Planning
2. Presenting New Information
Procedural Skills
Cognitive Skills
Responding with Feedback & Guidance
Preparing for Training
3. Building in Practice
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