Why is this program needed?
We developed this program for nurses who train patients in peritoneal dialysis. Because nurses have not been professionally trained as teachers, they inadvertently often begin teaching without considering what they specifically want their patients to learn or how they are actually going to teach them. Nurses tend to teach as they were taught, following the model of “seeing one, doing one, teaching one.” We propose an alternative model of patient training that follows principles of learning and focuses on the nurse’s role as teacher.

Every patient brings a unique set of experiences, emotions, and feelings that can affect what he or she remembers and what to do when it is time to perform dialysis independently. In this model, we recognize that each patient is a unique human being whose characteristics differ from those of the next patient. Even allowing for individual differences, by following these principles of learning, as we teach our patients we hope to improve the outcomes of patients on peritoneal dialysis.

How do I proceed?
Throughout this Web site, we will explain how to develop and organize a lesson, demonstrate the components of teaching a lesson, and explain the importance of incorporating these components into your teaching as they affect the learning of your patients. This site is divided into sections that follow the process. We begin discussing the training program as a whole, and go on to planning each lesson. We finish with preparing the setting where the training will occur, and provide a list of resources for you to use. To begin, select Program Planning in the column on the left, and proceed sequentially through each of the web site sections.

Video: What contributes to a training programs success?We have organized this Website into two areas: 1) planning the lesson and 2) teaching the lesson as demonstrated through video. Advanced planning is just as important as the actual teaching that you do with your patients. We will begin each section with some background on how to plan your instruction. The “Video Demonstration” areas of this Web site will demonstrate the human elements that contribute to teaching, shown in video clips of a nurse, Mary, as she teaches patients how to do peritoneal dialysis. Mary opens the video portions by reflecting on what contributes to a training program’s success.



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Program Planning
1. Introduction
Lesson Planning
2. Presenting New Information
Procedural Skills
Cognitive Skills
Responding with Feedback & Guidance
Preparing for Training
3. Building in Practice
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