Journal Clubs

ISPD-NAC has launched virtual Journal Club Series covering several time zones in the US & Canada to promote PD education through rich discussions of the latest and landmark research studies in Peritoneal Dialysis. The virtual format allows the engagement of participants and learners from widespread locations.


Starting January 2022, we are uploading the recorded JC sessions to the ISPD Youtube channel, so they are available for consultation.

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Click here to access the playlist with all the JCs for the Western Time Zone.
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For the moment, the best way to participate in future journal club sessions is to contact the responsible for each regional JC, to receive the link to the zoom call. More information on upcoming JCs will be added to this page and shared on social media.

CENTRAL TIME ZONE ISPD-NAC Journal club: Mondays, 12:00-1:00 PM, Central standard time

Contact: Lindsey Schindler,

WEST COAST ISPD-NAC Journal Club:  Mondays, 12:30-1:30 PM Pacific standard time

Contact: Dr. Jenny Shen
March 13, 2023
May 8, 2023

EAST COAST ISPD-NAC Journal Club: Wednesday 12-1 PM, Eastern Standard Time

April 26, 2023
May 24 June