By-Laws for Constituting the Council for the
North American Chapter of the ISPD
  1. Composition of Council: The 9-member Council will be comprised of:
    1. President
    2. President-Elect
    3. Immediate Past President
    4. Secretary-Treasurer
    5. Five members-at-large which will include:
      1. At least two members each from United States and Canada;
      2. At least one nurse representative;
      3. One of the five members will be designated the Research Advisor.
  1. Term: Two Years, starting July 1. The Secretary and five at-large members will serve no more than two two-year
  2. An individual must be a member of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis for them to serve as a member of the
  3. At least six months prior to the end of the term, the Immediate Past President will lead the search for renewal of the Council, which will include at least one electronic solicitation of interest from members of the North American Chapter.
    Following which s/he will propose a slate of nominees for (1) President-Elect; (2) Secretary; and (3) at-large members to the Council for approval.
  4. The current members of the Council started their second term in July 2015. For the first renewal, in order to maintain continuity in the organization, no more than two members-at-large may continue for a third two-year term. This is
    permissible only once.
  5. Any changes to the above rules can only be made by a majority vote of the Council at least six months prior to the termination of the term.

Adopted by the NAC-ISPD Council on December 21, 2015