Welcome Message

Message from Anjali Bhatt Saxena, MD
President North American Chapter


It is my pleasure and honor to assume the leadership of the North American Chapter of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis (NAC-ISPD). I want to thank my predecessor, Raj Mehrotra for his inspirational leadership of the organization for the past 2 years, during which time our Chapter’s visibility and research activity increased notably.

The NAC-ISPD is the premier professional society representing the Peritoneal Dialysis Community in Canada and the United States of America. Our strength and success depends on our members. My predecessors and our current colleagues have been, and continue to be, an inspirational group committed to the practice, advancement, and utilization of PD in the ESRD patient population.

We, in the NAC-ISPD, have also proven to be a collaborative community – one that has crossed borders and other barriers in the name of patient care and scientific advancement in PD. It is my goal to continue to facilitate collaboration and communication between our members.

Current programs include the following:


  • North American Research Collaboration (NARC-PD): Catheter Insertion and Perioperative Practices Within the ISPD North American Research Consortium ( enrolling)
  • Peritoneal Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns (PDOPPS)
  • Geriatric Assessment for Patients Starting Peritoneal Dialysis (research grant)

More information regarding current projects and opportunities for research in the NAC-ISPD can be found at: http://ispd.org/NAC/research/


Home Dialysis University

  • This two-and-a-half day seminar remains as a heavily subscribed program from the North American Chapter for educating nephrology providers. As always, we plan to host several programs for Practicing Nephrologists this Autumn along with the Winter/Spring sessions for Nephrology Fellows (2nd year and above) in 2018.
  • For more information please visit the following websites:

– Practicing Nephrologists: (CME meeting) https://digital.lenos.com/northpointe/HDUPhysicians/Home
-Senior Nephrology Fellows: http://www.hdufellows.com/

Peritoneal Dialysis On-Line Curriculum

  • Led by Joni Hansson and Jeff Perl, the chapter has created and maintained a comprehensive on-line PD curriculum which utilizes Power Point presentations as well as pre-and post-module questions to facilitate learning. Learn more at : https://ispd.org/NAC/education/pd-curriculum/



  • 4th Annual NAC-ISPD Conference at the University of Missouri’s Annual Dialysis Conference (ADC)

Our chapter of the ISPD has once again been invited to offer a full-day Peritoneal Dialysis Symposium at the ADC conference in March 2018. The program promises to be informative, educational and stimulating. General themes for the Symposium include: PD: The Facts and The Fiction; Technique Failure on PD: Failure of The Patient, The Therapy or The Treatment Team?; PD: The Future is Here (discussions about new solutions and a round table discussion regarding Policy Changes in the US that affect PD); and PD: Clinical Challenges.

More information can be found here: http://annualdialysisconference.org/

  • ISPD Vancouver 2018

A landmark event of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis, the ISPD 2018 will be a truly unique and important meeting for anyone interested in the practice of Peritoneal Dialysis. The meeting has been more than 2 years in the making, and the organizers have been hard at work to make this “ A Different Kind of Meeting.” Experts and leaders in the field will be on hand for an incredibly varied, educational and stimulating program with the overarching theme of patient centered care. We are fortunate to have the ISPD general meeting in North America this year.

More information can be found here: http://ispdvancouver2018.org/


The ISPD Scholarship (Fellowship Program) offers the opportunity to qualified individuals to extend their knowledge and expertise of peritoneal dialysis by visiting a host training institution for up to 3 months. Awards of up to USD $3,000 may be granted. The scholarship presents a great opportunity to promote PD awareness around the globe and supports the development and expansion of PD in underserved areas. Applications from emerging countries are indeed greatly encouraged.

If you are aware of individuals who may benefit from this award, please do not hesitate to forward this message to them or put them in contact with the ISPD Secretariat (admin@ispd.org).

The application form as well as additional details may be found on the ISPD website at: http://ispd.org/ispd-fellows

Leadership update

We have an exciting group of new members on our Executive Council, for the term of 2 years. We are constantly looking to include more members in our activities; if you might be interested in more involvement with the society, we urge you to contact me or any of the members of the Executive Council.


Warm regards,

Anjali Bhatt Saxena
President, North American Chapter
International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis



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