Yasuhiko Ito (Japan)

Yasuhiko Ito, MD PhD is a professor in the Department of Nephrology and Rheumatology of Aichi Medical University, Nagakute, Japan. He served as a professor (2010 to 2016) in the Dept. of Renal Replacement Therapy in Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan. He has been a professor in the Department of Nephrology and Rheumatology at Aichi Medical University since 2017. He received PhD degrees from Nagoya University and Amsterdam University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
He contributed to the ISPD guideline Catheter-Related Infections Recommendations: 2017 Update. He was a chairperson establishing the guideline for peritoneal dialysis of the Japanese Society of Dialysis Therapy, which was published in 2019 (Japanese version) and in 2021 (English version). He has been a council member of ISPD since 2016 and served as the congress chair of ISPD-APCM 2019 (September 5-7, 2019, at Nagoya, Japan). His main research interests are the mechanisms of progression of tubulo-interstitial fibrosis in CKD and peritoneal membrane dysfunction, pathogenesis of ultrafiltration failure in PD. Works of his research have been published in JASN, Kidney Int, PDI, AJKD, NDT, J Immunol, and Am J Physiol.