Mark Lambie (UK)

Mark Lambie completed his clinical training in the West Midlands, UK, and Christchurch, New Zealand, with a PhD from Keele University. He is now a Senior Lecturer in Renal Medicine at Keele University, Honorary Senior Lecturer at Manchester University Centre for Health Informatics and Honorary Consultant Nephrologist at University Hospitals of North Midlands. He is chair of the national Peritoneal Dialysis Clinical Study Group and lead for the clinical home haemodialysis service. He teaches on a variety of national and international courses and leads the academic foundation training programme for Keele.

His research has focused on the role of inflammation in PD patients, particularly with regard to membrane damage, and he has had a major role in the GLOBAL Fluid Study, and the PD Competing Risks for Long Term Outcomes study. He is now the UK lead for P-DOPPS Phase 2, led the national registry report for home dialysis and is part of the INTEGRATED Study Group.