Josephine Chow (Australia)

Professor Chow is the current Chair for the ISPD Nursing Committee, member of the ISPD Council, and member of the ISPD Standards and Guidelines Committee.

Coming from the background of a renal nurse, Josephine Chow is the foundation Professor, South Western Sydney (SWS) Nursing and Midwifery Research Alliance, and the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research. She is the Deputy Director of Research, SWS Local Health District (LHD). She manages a team of staff in supporting a large number of research, innovations, major contracts, and model of care redesign.

Professor Chow was the inaugural Executive Director, Operation for the Sydney Partnership for Health, Education, Research & Enterprise, and led the submissions for recognition by NHMRC as an Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre. She is the Honorary Professor, the University of New South Wales, Western Sydney University and the University of Sydney and she holds senior executive positions and a portfolio in NSW Health which has influenced government policy and clinical practice through roles on State Clinical Networks (Executive Sponsor, Chair and/or members of Peak Committees).

Professor Chow has developed and successfully implemented the SWSLHD Clinical Nurse Consultant Research Quarantine Time Program and fosters the capacity and capability development of nurses and midwives. Furthermore, her translational research and implementation work have had major impacts on policy and clinical practice in many areas: i) Prof Chow in partnership with palliative care clinicians, developed, implemented, and evaluated a new model of care in community palliative care in the Last Days of Life. ii) TEACH-PD, a pragmatic phase 4 cluster RCT, randomising PD units to implement TEACH-PD training curriculum targeted at PD trainers and incident PD patients versus standard existing practices. 42 clusters were recruited to participate with the trial. She is the Co-PI for the TEACH-PD Pilot study (Completed) and the Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial: the world’s first digital online training platform for dialysis nurses iii) Professor Chow is the founding (2009) Chair of the HOME Network (THN), an Australasia initiative to promote home dialysis. iv) Professor Chow has led more than ten COVID-19 studies since 2010, wearable remote monitoring, investigating vaccination hesitancy, and using a number of digital healthcare strategies to support the successful high uptake of vaccination in the community. She leads the investigation of the effectiveness of a new model of care that emerged during COVID periods which led to policies being developed with the COVID pandemic team locally and nationally, keeping the community safe.