Jose Carolino Divino Filho (Brazil)

Graduated from Escola Baiana de Medicina e Saude Publica in Salvador, Brazil and Nephrologist certified both in Brazil and in Sweden. Nephrology training at the Depts of Renal Medicine in Lund and Stockholm, Sweden. Thereafter went back to Brazil where I started the Dept. of Renal Medicine at Hospital Sao Severino, Sorocaba in 1983. In 1987, I moved back to Sweden and worked, both as a nephrologist and a researcher with Professor Jonas Bergström. In 1992 I also became the senior consultant nephrologist at the Sophiahemmet Royal Hospital in Stockholm. During 1983-1998, I worked during part of each year in Brasil.
I got my Ph.D. with the thesis “Erythrocyte amino acids in health and renal failure and their association to the IGF-I/IGFBP-1 axis” by the Divisions of Renal Medicine, Dept of Clinical Sciences and the Endocrine & Diabetes Unit, Dept. of Molecular Medicine, Karolinska Institutet in 1998.

I was lucky to be one of the pioneer nephrologists for CAPD both in Sweden (Lund, 1980) and Brasil (Sorocaba, 1984). I have also worked in the clinical development of the on-line convective therapies (HDF and HF) in Sweden , participated in many studies in the area of nephrology/dialysis and have published about 60 peer-reviewed papers. I was also involved in the creation and operation of the BRAZPD cohort study, which has resulted in several papers published on the Brazilian PD experience.

In 1999 I joined Baxter Renal Division where I worked during 12 years, initially as a Medical Director for the Renal Division Europe based in Brussels, then as Medical Vice-President for Latin America based in Mexico City and finally as Medical Director for Eastern and Central Europe, Middle East and Africa based in Zurich. During this period my main focus was to support and develop clinically and scientifically PD therapy in these regions.

From April 2011 through April 2015 I worked as Vice-President for Home Therapies for Diaverum Health Care, with the main goal of developing home therapies (PD and HHD) in the countries where Diaverum is established (including Argentina, Uruguay and Chile). Since then, I have maintained clinical investigation and collaboration with several nephrology groups around the world via my affiliation with Karolinska Institutet as well as worked clinically as a nephrologist at the Karolinska University Huddinge Hospital in Sweden.