Edwina Brown (UK)

President ISPD 2022-24

Edwina Brown is President of the ISPD 2022-24. She has been involved in peritoneal dialysis throughout her clinical career and initiated and developed assisted PD in the UK. She has been on the organizing faculty of the UK PD Academy since its initiation in around 2000. She has been the lead investigator in several multicentre studies which have widened access to PD: EAPOS (European APD Outcome Study), BOLDE (Broadening Options for Long-term Dialysis in the Elderly) and FEPOD (Frail Elderly Patient Outcomes on Dialysis). As chair of the ISPD guidelines committee, she led the 2016 update of length of time on PD, and the 2020 practice recommendations for goal-oriented, high quality PD. She has also been involved in ISPD CME events in several countries in Africa (Kenya, Senegal, Ethiopia, Sudan) and Asia (Sri Lanka and Pakistan). She has initiated the formation of the International Home Dialysis Consortium joint with the International Society of Nephrology with the aim of increasing access to PD in high and low income countries.