Brett Cullis (South Africa)

Brett Cullis is a nephrologist and specialist intensive care physician at Hilton Life Hospital and is an honorary senior lecturer at the University of Cape Town.
He has a keen interest in intensive care nephrology, especially PD for AKI, and is the primary author of both editions of the ISPD guidelines for PD in AKI.
His other interest is development of programs in low-resource countries having set up a nurse-led PD program in South Africa, been a principle investigator in the ISN kidney care network study and is chair of the Saving Young Lives steering committee. He is co-author of the ISPD guidelines for PD Access and the current PD catheter infection guideline.
He sits on the ISN core programs committee, ISN regional board, ISN dialysis working group, and ISN-WHO AKI and Dialysis toolkit development group, and he seats on the ISPD council.