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International Liaison Committee

Fredric Finkelstein (USA)

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Dr. Fredric Finkelstein is Chief of Nephrology at the Hospital of St. Raphael and Clinical Professor Medicine at Yale University. He has been active in peritoneal dialysis for the last 30 years. His active areas of peritoneal dialysis related research include the problems of technique failure of PD patients, the assessment of the quality of life of dialysis patients, the impact of psychosocial factors on outcomes of PD patients, the impact of various cycling regimens on peritoneal dialysis clearances, the treatment of peritonitis, and the impact of CKD education programs of patient modality selection.

Dr. Finkelstein is working to help establish and expand PD programs in developing countries, using educational programs, encouraging training of interested individuals, and working with other groups to provide financial and educational support.


The mandate for the committee will be to assist with the growth and development of peritoneal dialysis care internationally for acute and chronic renal failure. The committee will work with developing programs to help maintain basic standards of care and problem solve specific issues that arise. This mandate will include encouraging educational programs for peritoneal dialysis, coordinating training for doctors and nurses, working closely with other international and national organizations, and establishing links with other philanthropic organizations.


Committee Chair:
  • Fredric Finkelstein , USA
Sub-Committee Members:
  • Philip Li, Hong Kong
  • Olof Heimburger , Sweden
  • Edwina Brown , UK


  • To promote the development of PD on a global scale in both developed and developing countries
  • To provide assistance to those countries/individuals trying to develop peritoneal dialysis programs
  • To provide links with other international nephrology organizations, such as the ISN
  • To promote links with regional nephrology groups
  • To promote discussions concerning international issues involving peritoneal dialysis
  • To partner with other philanthropic organizations interested in dialysis care
  • To set up a dialogue with nephrologists from developing countries concerning assistance in setting up PD programs
  • To work with the awards committee of the ISPD to encourage scholarship applicants from selected developing countries to promote the growth of PD
  • Work with other committees of the ISPD to identify problem domains internationally with PD utilization and growth

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