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from Nepal asked on May 29, 2014:

Cathetet get migrated to right hypocondrium region from last 4 days. Patient ambulated with dwell but still same.
Output nill in CAPD. No constipation.
Due to PULPONARY EDEMA patient is now under hemodialysis by femoral catheter. How can we reposition the catheter at pelvis? Io8


expert, from europe ():
In case of one-way obstruction due to catheter migration, with no effect of conservative measures (laxatives, change in body position,...), you should consider repositioning the PD catheter. Several techniques have been described, including i.e. external manipulation (Tu et al, PDI 2009), stiff-wires, stylet manipulation, laparoscopy + fixation, open surgical catheter revision, or even catheter replacement. These techniques (and others) are discussed in Gokal and al, PDI 1998; and in Peppelenbosch et al, NDT Plus 2008.

Disclaimer: The answers represent personal views of the experts. The readers should use their own discretion in interpretation and application of the answers and the ISPD does not hold liability for such usage.

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