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marie Ledford
from United States asked on April 28, 2014:

I need a Picot question.At our hospital our PD patients are often admitted to other units because the staff are not aware of the PD catheters and/or there use.We are starting mass information but would like to develop a Picot research board.Any ideas.


Expert A, from (United States):
I am not sure that this closed system would allow for a Picot question forum. There are three things that I am aware of that hospitals or practices are done to overcome this problem. First, they allow patients to do their own exchanges or set up cycler if a hospitalized patient can. Second, they identify designated areas in the hospital where such patients are admitted where the staff can maintain their skill to provide the care. Third, they set up a contract with a local PD program to provide PD services to the inpatients.

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