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Questions about PD? Ask!


Angie R
from Indiana asked on June 25, 2014:

I have a 19yr old PD patient who would like to go to a local water park for post graduation event. Can she go on the water slides? Lazy river?


Expert A, from (United States):
In general, public pools or bodies of water expose patients to greater risk than natural bodies of water like river or ocean. Whenever patients are in water, the important thing to be mindful of is not getting the dressing soaked and ensure that the PD catheter is well secured. Ostomy bags are quite good to be used to cover the exit site when patients are going in water. Using a PD belt may be useful in securing the catheter. What is also important is after having been in a public pool or water park, for her to take a shower immediately after being done and perform exit site care. This will also ensure that if the gauze got moist accidentally, she does not leave a wet gauze on for too long.

Disclaimer: The answers represent personal views of the experts. The readers should use their own discretion in interpretation and application of the answers and the ISPD does not hold liability for such usage.

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