Mission Statement and Leadership



The NAC/ ISPD has been formed in order to enhance and promote the highest quality of care for patients receiving peritoneal dialysis, and to encourage collaboration in addressing fundamental issues concerning peritoneal dialysis therapy, in the United States and Canada. This is to be accomplished by:

  1. Promoting knowledge of peritoneal dialysis in the nephrology community by facilitating a variety of educational activities.
  2. Advancing knowledge of peritoneal dialysis through the support and encouragement of peer- reviewed research proposals.
  3. Influencing national policy and regulatory directives in order to optimize care delivery to patients receiving peritoneal dialysis and to provide improved resources to the peritoneal dialysis community to assist with self-advocacy efforts.


The North American Chapter of ISPD is led by a President who serves for a 2 year term and who works with an Executive Committee that comprises President Elect, Past President, Treasurer, Secretary Nursing representative and a number of members at large. Standing Committees are formed with Chairs appointed by the President and members of these committees are appointed by the Committee Chair in consultation with the President.

All members of ISPD who reside or have an address in the U.S and Canada are automatically considered to be members of ISPD NAC. There is no additional membership fee. ISPD NAC has about 500 members.