Welcome Message


Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the ISPD North American Chapter (NAC) Website. The purpose of this website is to keep all our members in touch with developments in PD in the U.S. and Canada.

These are exciting times for ISPD NAC. At our May 2013 meeting in Nashville we committed to establish an ISPD NAC Research Consortium, known for short as “NARC”, and we chose to study peritoneal catheter outcomes as our first major multicenter project. A request for submissions of interest in leading the study was sent out and, after peer review, we chose a proposal from Robert Quinn (Calgary) and Matt Oliver (Toronto) to lead the study, in collaboration with the Nashville/Birmingham group of investigators led by Rachel Fissell, Eric Wallace and Francesca Tentori from DOPPSr. The study will get underway in 2014.

I would particularly like to acknowledge and thank Tom Golper for his leadership which made this happen.

Also in 2014, we will have our second ‘NAC at ADC’ event.  The initial event in Seattle in February 2013 was a big success and this year’s event will take place in Atlanta on Saturday Feb 8, 2014 the day before the Annual Dialysis Conference  begins.

We now have a new Executive in place. I am pleased to serve as President until mid – 2015 when I will be succeeded by Raj Mehrotra. Anjali Saxena and Joni Hansen will continue to serve as Treasurer and Secretary respectively. Alsoso, for the first time we have nursing representative on our Executive – welcome to Gillian Brunier from Toronto.

I  would particularly like to thank Isaac Teitelbaum for serving as NAC President from 2011 to 2013. He continue on our Executive as Past President.

Lastly, we plan to update the website regularly and provide a forum for discussion and promotion of peritoneal dialysis related topics


Peter G Blake
President ISPD NAC